Christmas Trivia

Now for some Christmas trivia questions!

 1. Was Jesus actually born in December?

No, because just like now shepherds are not “in the field keeping watch over their flocks at night” in December – it is too cold.  What is really important is not when we celebrate but that He was born and that the world celebrates Jesus with us.

2. How many wise men were there?

We do not really know. Tradition holds to three wise men and we have even given them names.  I think we have concluded that there were three because there were three gifts.

3. When did the wise men show-up?

Probably two years after the actual birth. In the book of Matthew the wise men find Mary and the baby in a house not in a stable.  Also Herod killed all the baby boys two years old and under because that is the “time” that the wise men gave Herod.

4. Is Jesus a grandson of Solomon?

No, Mary’s lineage that is listed in the book of Luke goes back to David’s son Nathan (Luke 3:31,32). However, both Mary and Joseph do have Zerubbabel in their lineage.  Zerubbabel is the governor of Israel that is responsible for rebuilding the Temple – see Haggai, Zechariah and Ezra.  There is an interesting reference in Zechariah 12:12 about the family of David and Nathan.

5. Jesus is our High Priest but how could He be a priest if He is not in the line of Aaron?

This may be a stretch but please follow long. Mary went to go visit Elizabeth her “cousin.” Elizabeth had to be in the line of Aaron in order to be married to Zechariah, who was behind the curtain in the Temple when the angel visited him; so Mary was related to Aaron probably on her Mom’s side.  The scripture that backs this up is in Zechariah 6:9 -15 especially verses 12 + 13.

So have a very Merry Christmas and in the words of Tiny Tim, “God bless us ever one!”

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