Three Books, Three Views.

Part of this year’s Bible study has brought me to read Ezekiel and Obadiah at the same time. This has been good because it made me think how those two men and Jeremiah (Daniel was at this time also but he will be another day) were all hearing God and writing at the same time and how they fit into the time line in 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles.  Ezekiel was in Babylon, as part of the first wave of deportees, using time stamps to place his writings with Jeremiah’s and what was happening in Jerusalem at that time. Ezekiel 24 through 31 is the same time period of the second and final attack on Jerusalem. In chapter 32 Ezekiel starts writing about the “twelfth year”; so this was after the fall of Jerusalem and corresponds to Jeremiah 39 through 45. Now Obadiah comes in to this mix because his twenty-one verses are all about the destruction of Edom (Esau, Isaac’s first son and Jacob’s fraternal twin) because of how they mistreated Israel in their time of need.  So if you read Obadiah, Ezekiel 35 and Jeremiah 49:7 – 22 it shows a unified picture of God’s thoughts toward Edom. Resources: The Holman Illustrated Study Bible

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