Light and Dark- Genesis 15

Light and Dark– Genesis 15

As I have read this chapter I get the idea that this may be more than one day!  But I will start in verse 12 with the phrase “as the sun was setting”.  So, it was not dark yet!  Abram fell into a sleep, a deep sleep.  The next phrase and/or idea is associated with God several times “thick and dreadful darkness”. (NIV) Not only is it at night but God adds darkness.  Verse 17 continues with physical darkness and another light the “firepot and torch” they are a symbol of God’s presence.  All of this ceremony was the making of the covenant between God and Abram.  This indicates a deeper relationship between the two parties. 

Three– We have a heifer, a goat, and a ram each three years old.  Yes, there were two birds also.  These are most of the animals that would make up the sacrifices under the Law. 

End and Start – Enoch and Noah were the last two men that we are told God communicated/fellowshipped with.  So, God started a new era in His dealings with man and ended a period of silence. Other thought could be He ended His search for a people to make His own and started a journey with Abram. 

FURTHER THOUGHT– Use a concordance or Bible Gateway and find the references of darkness associated with God.

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