Passover to Pentecost – The Ascension Foretold

Passover to Pentecost – The Ascension Foretold         Week 6 Day 4

I am with you for only a short time, and then I go to the one who sent me. John 7: 33 (NIV)

This verse was spoken by Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles the year before His Passion.  At the same Feast He spoke John 8: 21, it was clear that He was preparing His disciples for His leaving earth.  John 8 started a controversy that was meant to shake and disturb those following Him.

Most of the verses about Jesus predicting His ascension were said at the Last Supper. They are John 13: 1 + 33, 14:28, 16: 5, and 17:11.  You have to wonder if they understood any of these at the time Jesus said them.  Some of these verses could also be considered to predict His death, which we know they were not expecting.  Jesus in John 14: 29 said that He has told them so they will believe when they see it happening.

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