Psalm 103 – Musings

David starting and ending Psalm 103 with “Barak the Lord, O my soul” shows what was important to David and where his heart was. But I have grown to appreciate all the topics he covered between his praising and blessing.

He captures (hooks) the reader/singers with why you should praise the Lord. I think the idea of “benefits” is a great attention grabber. In our age, we worry about benefits and want them as part of our compensation for doing something we are expected to do (our jobs). So in just doing what we should (praise God), we get some serious compensation – forgiveness, healing, satisfaction, etc.

I used The New Layman’s Parallel Bible to compare phrases and check on words that I looked up in my KJV concordance. I noticed how the different translations separated the various sections of Psalm 103. KJV and the Living Bible had no separations but the NIV and Revised Standard did arrange the verses into sections. The Revised Standard divided 1-5, 6-14, 15-18, and 19 -22 the NIV divided almost the same except verses 6 and 19 are by themselves and form breaks between the sections. That is always a minor thing but it is interesting to see how the various translators interpret and arrange Scripture.

My biggest take away maybe that leaders (Moses) need to ask to see God’s highway. His “Ways and Deeds” form quite a road for the people to be lead on.

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