To Know God

jesus at door

To have a greater knowledge of God you can always study more.  This will be a logos word where you can add to your understanding and become familiar with other people’s exploration into who God is and what He does.  Reading more books will also help to expand your knowledge of God.  In these studies you can pick the aspect of God you’re interested in and find many quality books and study-helps that will advance your understanding of God.

Then you could do the WWJD approach.  But here a good foundation in who Jesus is and what He did is required.   After all, if you are asking yourself what would Jesus do you should have read the Gospels several times so you can base your actions on the understanding you have.  One good thing here is if you keep doing it you will grow and change. (I read a post on Facebook recently that said using this approach you should not rule out overturning tables and beating people with a whip.)

I recommend doing what Psalm 46:10 says to do which is Be still and know that I AM God.  The term “be still” has several meanings and can be translated to be silent, be at rest, or to stand one’s ground.  But in Psalm 46:10 it means to be feeble, weakened, or faint.  The term “know” is yada and it means to know by observing, reflecting, or by experiencing something.

This leads back to the studying/experiencing God we talked about before.  There are logos and rhema words/experiences with God.  People who pursue God by just reading about Him will never have more than that and can, they lose that.  But when you have/get a rhema word from God you are changed, it has spoken to your heart and you will not be the same.  Now when this person gets the logos word they find new and deep truths about God and are eager to share them.  It is not easy to quiet yourself and be still but it is the way God suggested that you do it.

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